Play in league matches

As well as our club night every Monday evening at 8pm some of our members play in our Ipswich District Badminton League (IDBL) teams.

We have a Men's, Ladies and Mixed teams.

League matches

Our Men's team is currently in Division 6, our Mixed team is in Division 6 and our Ladies team is in Division 3.

Members wanting to play in league matches will play the home matches at Orwell Park School on Monday evenings. Away matches are played at different locations around Ipswich at other clubs and these can other week day evenings.

Each team will play around 6 matches at home and 6 away each year.

Each team consists of three pairs.

Each match will involve playing six games, two against each of the opponent's three pairs.

It will only cost £1 to play in any of our IDBL league matches.

The IDBL league rules can be found here.

The list of other Badminton Clubs who you may play against are listed here.

If you have any questions about the league matches please ask our match secretary

Battledores Badminton Courts

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Robert Haggar

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